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For all of your Roofing system repairs, replacement or new roofing construction projects, you can count on Keith Barker Roofing and Solar to complete your work on time and on budget. After a severe storm hits your area, we are there for you with service 24 hour per day, 7 days per week to ensure that your needs are met. In addition to general re-roofing and new roof construction, we also provide other services such as gutter installation and repair.

At Barker, we are determined to be the best roofing company available and it is vital that we take excellent care of our customers. We believe all of our customers are important, no matter how big or how small the job. If needed, we will work with your insurance company to help you with your storm damages, making the process as smooth and timely as possible. Whenever you have a roofing project in the Austin area and you want the experts in roofing inspections, repairs and replacement, be sure to call Keith Barker Roofing and Solar.


Facts About Roofing Systems

Did you know that Austin offers quite a few different energy incentives and rebate programs?  Go ahead – take advantage of these offers and save some money!

All roofing systems expand and contract with the weather changes, regardless of the style or type of materials used.

It’s best to trim trees away from your roof because tree limbs can scrape and puncture several types of roofing materials which, in turn, reduces the life span of your roofing system.

When you invest in a new roof, it is expected that your roofing system will extend the life of your home or business, save on energy costs, and incur fewer maintenance costs.  When you choose an experienced, professional roofing contractor, this will be the outcome of your project.  Good quality workmanship is what determines the quality of a roofing system installation so do your homework to ensure that you don’t choose amateurs to install such a major investment on your home or business.


Interesting Facts About Austin, Texas

The popular Hook’em Horns hand signal is, in fact, the official symbol of the Texas Longhorns. The Hook ‘em Horns sign was introduced in 1955 to the students during a pep rally the night before the UT – TCU game by Harley Clark, who was a member of the Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys, and head cheerleader at UT. Ironically, the A&M Gig’em Aggies sign was also shown the night before a game against TCU, years earlier.  The Hook’em Horns symbol is recognized worldwide and you have most likely seen a few familiar faces flaunting the famous sign.

Recent growth in the Greater Austin Region has been extraordinary – Metro Austin’s population grew to over 1.5 million in 2006.  The 1990’s saw a 48 percent increase in population, and growth has been averaging three percent annually since the 2000 Census.

Highland Mall, Austin’s first suburban shopping mall, opened in 1971.  As of 2011, the entire Highland Mall land parcel has been purchased by Austin Community College and is being turned into offices and campus facilities.

Deep Eddy Pool, the oldest public swimming pool in Texas, opened in Austin in 1915.  After flood damage was cleaned up and repaired, the pool reopened as a public park in 1936.


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